Algordanza offers the unique service of transferring the ashes of your beloved ones into wonderful, high-grade certified diamonds.


Remembrance Diamonds Corporation is the Canadian-owned entity which offers this exciting idea of remembrance in Canada and the United States.  Together, these international partners offer memorial diamonds created from ashes of the beloved in memory and tribute to their wonderful life.
In addtion to the latest information and articles provided on our News page within this site, we are pleased to advise we are a proud member of the Funeral Service Association of Canada and can also be found in the supplier section of Canadian Funeral News (logos above are live links).

The pages within this site will inform you about all aspects of this extraordinary memorial stone.  Here you will find all you need to know; how it is produced, how to order and how long it takes until you hold your individual, personal, remembrance in hand.

Do you have questions, suggestions or would you just like to contact us?  You can reach us by phone at (604) 878-1800 or by email via our Contact page.